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Rules of the subscription

1) The subscription is valid for one month from date of purchasing.

2) If you want to pay for each lesson, you have to make an advance payment for one lesson ahead.

3) If you fall ill, went on a business trip, or you have another important reason for missing the guitar lesson, it is possible to change the date of the class only if you inform me about it at least for 24 hours prior to the start!! Otherwise, you lose your money.

4) All the rescheduled classes should be attended till the last day of your subscription period (see p.1).

5) Please, plan ahead your long trips! Your subscription could expire.

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Jazz Guitar Workshop

Jazz Guitar Workshop

Here you are welcome to watch my recordings from Jazz Guitar Workshop with Bruce Saunders (Berklee College)


Blues Guitar Workshop

Blues Guitar Workshop

Here are my video recordings for Blues Guitar Workshop with Michael Williams (Berklee)


Awards and Certificates

Awards and Certificates

Achievements by Sergey Zyryanov

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