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The classes take place at the high level equipped modern home studio situated in the city center (in the heart of St. Petersburg) 5 minutes walk from the metro station Vasileostrovskaya.

My Gear


  • ESP LTD SC 607
  • Fender Stratocaster
  • Ibanez Ergodine X
  • Da Capo


  • Marshall MG100
  • Samick Smart 2

Stomp boxes

  • Cry Baby
  • Boss BD 3
  • Sans amp TRI AC
  • Boss TU 3
  • Marshal Echohead
  • Boss CS 3
  • Vox Tonelab

Another equipment

  • Alesis audio monitors
  • Behringer xenyx mixer
  • Guitar Rig session I/0 audio card




Jazz Guitar Workshop

Jazz Guitar Workshop

Here you are welcome to watch my recordings from Jazz Guitar Workshop with Bruce Saunders (Berklee College)


Blues Guitar Workshop

Blues Guitar Workshop

Here are my video recordings for Blues Guitar Workshop with Michael Williams (Berklee)


Awards and Certificates

Awards and Certificates

Achievements by Sergey Zyryanov

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